Rebates from Armeec

Take a rebate of 5% for all your insurance policies with Armeec – Casko, Protected home, etc. The rebate in the form of bonus points you receive upon the conclusion of the insurance policy in the offices of Armeec and in the branches of CCB.

Upon the conclusion of the insurance policy, you must specify the number of your club card and it will be entered in the policy. You will have the points as late as the end of the month, following the month of conclusion of the insurance policy.

You get bonus points if you conclude an insurance policy with Armeec for your relative. You receive a rebate, if you pay the insurance policy in installments. You get new points after payment of each installment, where you present your card. For one calendar year you may receive bonus points for 10 insurance policies, respectively for 10 insurance policy installments.

If you pay a part of the insurance with points, new points accrue on the remaining amount. Only if you pay with bonus points the whole insurance policy, you do not get new points.

You receive more bonuses! In case you use other rebates from Armeec, again you are entitled to bonus points. They accrue on the net amount, after deducting the other rebates.

With the collected bonus points you may buy a new insurance policy or a part thereof in the offices of Armeec. With your club card you may pay the insurance policy of another person.

It is important to know that:

  • You choose how to pay the insurance policy to obtain points –cash, via money transfer or with your bank card of CCB. With each your CCB debit or credit card you receive points at Armeec.
  • If the insurance policy or policy installment is not paid, regardless of the reasons for that, the points do not accrue.


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