Rebates from Bulgaria Air

Take advantage of the attractive rebate of 5% for an airplane ticket from Bulgaria Air! The rebate is on the full ticket price, including the airport fees.

You have a variety of alternatives where to buy a Bulgaria Air ticket and enjoy a rebate in the form of bonus points:

You can receive points for an unlimited number of your tickets from Bulgaria Air. In order to receive bonus points, specify the number of your club card upon booking the airplane ticket or when you register for the flight at the airport. It is important your names in Latin upon booking to coincide with those from the international passport, specified by you at CCB. You will receive the points up to 5 days after the flight.

If the flight is in the two directions, first a rebate will be calculated for the one direction, and after the end of the return flight, the respective points will be calculated. You receive points for each flight of Bulgaria Air, i.е. the number of the ticket starts with 623 and the flight has been registered in the ticket with the airplane company code – FB.

You can receive points even if you have missed to specify the number of your club card upon booking and the flight. Turn to the office of Bulgaria Air or a branch of CCB. Specify the number of the ticket, the date and the destination of the flight. Present your club card and the rebate will be accrued. It is important, when the flight is over, to be a member of CCB Club and not to have elapsed more than one year of the flight.


You receive more bonuses! Upon the purchase of a ticket from Bulgaria Air with a credit card “Visa CCB-Bulgaria Air” from CCB, you win twice. You receive not only bonus points under the program CCB Club, but also a rebate from the full ticket price, if it is paid with VISA “CCB-Bulgaria Air” on the territory of Bulgaria or at
- 5% at payment by card Visa Gold “CCB-Bulgaria Air”
- 3% at payment by card Visa Classic “CCB-Bulgaria Air” 

With your CCB Club card you receive even more preferences – on every flight, operated by Bulgaria air, you could transport two pieces of free checked luggage. Each of the luggages should not exceed 23 kg. Present your card number at the time of reservation and the right of two pieces of baggage will be written on your ticket.

If you pay an airplane ticket or a part thereof with bonus points, new points also accrue for it on the ticket price.

What do you receive in exchange for the collected points

You may use the gathered bonus points for a new airplane ticket or a part thereof, upon purchase in the offices of Bulgaria Air in the country and abroad. If you want, you may purchase with bonus points an airplane ticket for another person.

It is important to know that:

  • You decide how to pay for the airplane ticket, in order to receive points - cash, with a money transfer or with your bank card of CCB. With each your CCB debit or credit card you receive points at Bulgaria Air.
  • You receive points for an unlimited number of tickets from Bulgaria Air. You cannot receive points for tickets of other persons.
  • If you buy a ticket from, enter the number of your club card in the field Frequent Flyer Number. Enter the 16 digits without intervals.
  • The points accrue separately for each flown section, where an operating carrier is Bulgaria Air. E.g., if your flight consists of two flights, whereas the first part is serviced by Bulgaria Air, and the second – by another air company, you will receive points for the first part of the flight.
  • In order to take advantage of the preference for transportation of two pieces of free luggage, which you have as a member of CCB Club, it is important to present your card number at the very time of making a reservation – you should have the right of two free luggages written on your ticket. If you have bought your ticket without this right written on it or if you make your booking trough Bulgaria air website –, call Bulgaria air “Call center” at +359 2 40 20 400 or write to in order to have the right of carrying two pieces free checked luggage, written on your ticket
  • The weight of every one of the two free baggages should be 23kg. maximum. 
  • If you are a member of the loyalty program of Bulgaria Air (FLY MORE), then for each flight you can choose whether to receive points under this program or under CCB Club. If you decide to receive points under Bulgaria air Loyalty program, instead of rebates in your CCB Club card, you will not be able to take advantage of the two pieces free baggage allowance, which you have as a member of CCB Club.
  • The preference of two pieces of free checked luggage is only valid when Bulgaria air is an operating carrier. You do not have the right to transport two pieces of free luggage, if you buy a ticket from Bulgaria air, but for a flight of another air company.
  • If the purchased ticket (or a section thereof) is not used, regardless of the reasons for that, the points do not accrue.
  • The payment with points to Bulgaria Air may be for the purchase of an airplane ticket, as well as for other payments to the air company, e.g. fee for extra luggage. Payment with points to Bulgaria Air cannot be done during flight.