Discounts from Bulgaria Air


Fly with Bulgaria Air and use the exclusive discount of 5% for all the business trips of cardholders with corporate club cards! Take advantage  and collect your corporate discount on the full ticket price, including taxes!


You can choose where to buy you Bulgaria air ticket from and collect bonus points in your corporate card:

•             In Bulgaria air offices in Bulgaria and abroad

•             In tourist agencies selling Bulgaria air tickets

•             In any CCB branch

•             Online at– please write the CCB card number as Frequent Flyer Number


Collect in your corporate CCB Club card bonuses for unlimited number of business trips with Bulgaria air– yours or from cardholders with corporate club cards issued for your company. In order to access bonus points for a business trip, the customer's club card should be provided during reservation or check-in. It is important to have the flying customer's name in Latin script for  the reservation, and the name on the CCB card should be the same as on the passport. The bonus points will be added at latest 5 days after the flight.


In case of return ticket, after the outbound flight you can collect the bonus points for the respective distance. The rest of the points will be collectible after the return flight. Bonus points will be collected for each Bulgaria air flight, i.e. the ticket number starts with the digits 623 and the flight number contains the Airline code– FB.


Collect points even if the number of your corporate club card is not mentioned during reservation or check-in. You can ask any office of Bulgaria Air or CCB. Provide the ticket number, the day and the destination. The discount will be added to the corporate card. It is important to register your company in CCB Club before the flight and also the flight should not be made more than a year before.


Collect even more bonuses  ! When you buy a ticket from Bulgaria Air with Visa CCB-Bulgaria Air credit card you win twice. You can have not only CCB Club bonus points, but also 3% discount from the full ticket price, in case you purchase it on the territory of Bulgaria or online at

With the CCB Club card you can get even more preferences– for each Bulgaria Air operated flight, each card holder is entitled to 2 free pieces of baggage, up to 23 kg each. All you have to do is provide the club card number during reservation and the right to carry two free pieces of baggage should be mentioned on the ticket.

In case the ticket or part of it has been purchased with bonus points, you can also collect new bonus points on  the full ticket price.


What do you get for your bonus points?

The bonus points in your card can be used for a new ticket or part of it in case you make the purchase in any Bulgaria Air office in the country or abroad. You can choose who is going to use the ticket purchased with bonus points.


•             You can choose  how to pay for the ticket in order to collect the bonus points– cash, by bank transfer or with a bank card issued by CCB. Any debit or credit card issued by CCB will add Bulgaria Air bonus points.

•             No limitation for  the number of your business trips made with Bulgaria Air you can get bonus point. The ticket purchased for bonus points should be issued to a cardholder with a club card issued to your company.

•             In case the ticket is purchased online at, as Frequent Flyer Number you should write the passenger's card number.

•             You can collect additional points for every Flight segment of the Bulgaria Air operated trip. I.e. in case of a Connecting flight, with Bulgaria Air operating the initial Flight segment of the flight, and another air carrier - the other one, you can get bonus points for the first Flight segment only.

•             In order to use the CCB Club free baggage option, It is important  to register the corporate card number during reservation. The free baggage option should also be registered on the ticket. In case the ticket does not contain any such registration for additional free baggage, please contact Bulgaria Air Call Center at this number 02/ 40 20 400, in order to re-register the ticket together with the free baggage option on it. In case the reservation has been made online and the air carrier's website, please call Bulgaria Air Call Center in order to re-register the ticket.

•             Each one of the two free pieces of baggage allowed for any CCB Club card holder and Bulgaria Air passenger should not overweight 23 kg.

•             The free two pieces of baggage option shall be valid only if the flight has been operated by Bulgaria Air only.

•             In case the purchased ticked (or any Flight segment of the trip ) has not been used, irrelevant of the causes, no bonus points shall be rewarded.

•             You can make payment with bonus points either for Bulgaria Air tickets or other additional payments, i.e. Extra Baggage Fees. No payment with bonus points is accepted during flight.



Where to find Bulgaria Air offices: