Rebates from LUKOIL

Take the exceptional rebates of 3% for petrol or diesel and 2% for gas! You receive them in the form of bonus points, when you refuel petrol, diesel or gas at LUKOIL petrol station, bearing the logo of CCB Club.

Show your club card before paying the bill to receive your rebate. In one bill you can pay the fuel and other goods, and you receive your rebate for fuel. If you refuel the car of your friend or relative, you will have bonus points. The points for fuel accrue up to two days after the purchase.

There is no limit in the quantity of fuel, for which you receive rebate from LUKOIL. Refuel petrol, diesel or gas from LUKOIL as frequently as you want.

If you pay a part of the fuel with points, new points accrue for the remaining amount. Only if you pay with bonus points the whole fuel bill, you do not receive new points.

With the gathered bonus points you can buy not only fuel, but all other goods, offered at the petrol stations LUKOIL.

It is important to know that:

  • You choose how to pay for the fuel to receive points - cash, via money transfer or with your bank card of CCB. With each your CCB debit or credit card you receive points at LUKOIL. You receive no points, only if you pay with a card of another bank.
  • You will receive a rebate from LUKOIL, when you refuel petrol, diesel or gas. Points for the other goods, offered at the petrol stations LUKOIL, do not accrue.
  • You will receive a rebate, if you refuel at any of the petrol stations of LUKOIL, bearing the logo of CCB Club. At CCB Club there participate almost all petrol stations of LUKOIL.
  • As a member of CCB Club you enjoy the exceptional rebates of 3% upon refueling petrol or diesel and 3% upon refueling gas and you cannot at the same time use other rebates from LUKOI.
  • Upon each refueling, for which you receive points, an invoice is issued to you. It must be in your name, because the CCB Club card is personal.


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