Discounts from LUKOIL

As CCB Club corporate client, you may receive exclusive fuel discount at the filling station - 3% for gas or diesel and 2% for LPG! The discount is offered as bonus points that you will receive in your card at Lukoil filling stations,marked with CCB Club logo.

In order to get the CCBClub bonus points, you have to present the company club card before payment. Even if you pay for fuel and other goods in the same time, again you will get your fuel discount. The fuel bonus points will be added the day after at the latest.

There are no limits for the fuel you buy for the company cars, you will get discount from Lukoil. You may refill you company cars at Lukoil stations as many times as you wish.

In case part of the fuel has been paid with bonus points, the rest of the sum will get you new points. You will not have any bonus points only if you have paid for refueling with bonus points.

You can use the bonus points not only for fuel, but for all other goods offered in Lukoil filling stations. In case you don't have enough bonus points in the card - you can pay only part, min 5 leva - of your purchase with bonus points.  


·         You choose how to pay for fuel, in order to get bonus pointscash, money transfer or CCB card. Any CCB debit or credit card used to pay for fuel at Lukoil filling station will add you points. No points will be added if payment is made with a card issued by a different bank.

·         You will get discounts from Lukoil, when refueling petrol, diesel or LPG. No points will be added for any other goods purchased in the Lukoil filling station.

·         You will get discount is the fuel is purchased in any Lukoil filling station with the CCB Club logo. Almost all Lukoil filling stations are part of CCBClub.

·         As a corporate participant in CCB Club you may enjoy the exclusive 3% discounts at the pump when refilling petrol or diesel and 2% for LPG and will not be entitled for other discounts at Lukoil.

·         Any time you 're refueling will get bonus points as a corporate participant in CCBClub, and you will get also an invoice for your company. In invoice is issued also when paying with bonus points.

·         Partial payment with bonus points is accepted for fuel



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